We Las Vegas locals know how stressful it can be to simply leave your house, get in your car, and drive straight into stop and go traffic. We understand that between work and homelife your dental health is not always your top priority.  At the office of Dr. Caroline A Bobbett our priority is those pearly whites and we will do everything that we can to make your dental experience as fun and stress free as possible. 

Dr. Bobbett believes in conservitive dentistry meaning conserving your teeth as much as possible and considering all minimally invasive options for your own health and comfort. She carefully evaluates your dental issues and will work with you to develop a treatment plan that best suits you. Our office is family oriented and we consider our patients our family; you’ll get to know everyone from our front desk staff to our dental assistants personally so that you feel comfortable and at home at each of your dental appointments. 

Our dental team consisits of: Alicia, the office manager and check in receptionist. Cat is the combination dental assistant and you’ll see her in and out of the hygiene rooms assisting with patient paper work, asissting Dr., and you’ll also see her on your way out of the office as she also assists Alicia. If you ever have questions or concerns regarding insurance and/or payment Alicia or Cat are the best point of contact. Carole and Romelia are Dr. Bobbett’s dental assists; you’ll most likely see them when you are having any restorative work completed. Carole and Romelia have been working alongside Dr for over 15 years and usually can answer your treatment questions and can provide at home care advice as well. The Hygiene team consists of Lori, Mary O., and Mary B. These ladies have many years of experience in their field and take their time to make sure you leave with a healthy smile and provide the instruction you’ll need to maintain your oral health at home. 

Staff Picture